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Plant-Based Eating: finding the right way for you

Workshop with Jo's Healthy Cupboard

Jo (from Jo's Healthy Cupboard) and I are so excited to bring you our plant-based, intuitive eating workshop where we’ll show you how to introduce plant-based eating into your life in a way that's sustainable, compassionate, simple and most importantly enjoyable.

The workshop is an 1.5 hour online event on Thursday 3rd December.

What you'll get from attending the workshop:
1. Our plant-based recipe book packed with 12 delicious recipes.
2. A handy plant-based nutrition guide.
3. A fridge print-out so you can make sure you're covering all the essential nutrients.
4. An introduction to intuitive eating, including tips on how you can integrate this into your life.
5. Tips for making family meals easier.
6. A walk through of the best, simple swaps for meat, dairy and eggs.


For more information click here or contact me at hello@nondietnutrition.co.uk or call on 07403896800

Non-Diet Nutrition | Personalised Online Consultations in Intuitive Eating

Are you sick and tired of diets..? Of having someone else tell you which foods to eat and when..? Do you wish you had more time and energy to focus on what's really important in your life..?

Diets don't work for a huge number of people... resulting in weight regain and inevitable yo-yo dieting. Sound familiar?

But what's the alternative..?

Intuitive eating is an eating style which can help you to build CONFIDENCE in yourself and your body so that you can TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH and lead a fulfilling, meaningful life, regardless of what your weight may be!

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