4 reasons to chuck out your scales this January

10 Jan 2020

Weighing ourselves can make us miserable

Our weight can be the sole reason that we have a shit day (when we've put on a kilo or two) or an amazing day (when we're lighter than the previous day). Tying our happiness and feelings of self worth to our weight means we're destined to feel like crap every time our weight isn't where we wish it was and also make us feel like failures, repeatedly.

This is because of the lie that diet culture has sold us – that we have to be smaller to be happier. If that were true would we reach peak happiness if we were so small we didn’t exist at all?! 

Ask yourself this, if your scales make you feel like shit are they really adding anything useful to your life?

Our weight isn’t a good indicator of health


There are SO many factors that make up our health, from economic and social to individual and biological. Our weight is only a tiny piece in the giant puzzle of health and for many of us it has little effect at all. 

It genuinely is impossible to judge how healthy someone is just by looking at them. To really get the whole picture you’d need knowledge of behaviours around food, activity levels, mental wellbeing, vitals and full blood work. Yet we consistently use weight as a substitute for all of this; healthcare providers are guilty of this oh so often.

Our weight changes

Our weight can fluctuate by as much as 10kg (!!!) a day just because of normal biological functions such as hydration, hormone levels, digestion, illness or stress in the body. This isn’t even to say about the normal physiological changes that occur as we age, or as we undergo lifestyle changes or having kids or illnesses. We can’t expect our bodies to look and weigh the same as they did when we were 20.

On top of this it’s a fallacy that we have ultimate, final control and responsibility for our long-term weight, it’s one of the biggest lies we’re sold.

Obsession can be a slippery slope

It can be a dark and place spending the best part of your brain power on the aim of making your body conform to the shape or size that society deems as ‘acceptable’. I know I’ve spent a silly amount of time and mental strength agonising over the number on the scales, willing my body to be lighter than it is (and naturally wants to be). 

That shit is exhausting and often doesn’t lead anywhere good. Instead of only focusing on the number on the scales, by getting rid of them you can start to do things that feel good rather just than to change the way your body looks.


So join me and throw that thing in the bin where it belongs. Keeping track of the elements that are actually important to our health: energy and stress levels, mood and gut health can tell us SO much more about how we're doing. 

It can feel scary to give up that piece of what may feel like control. And that’s okay, especially if you’ve been used to weighing yourself a lot for a long time. But it can be the necessary first step towards shifting our mindset from how we look, to how we feel. 

Through this we can learn to accept our bodies just as they are, right now, for all they allow us to do and feel and experience in the World; which is something I think we could all do with more of.

"If you want something in life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done" – Thomas Jefferson