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The 10 guiding principles of intuitive eating #1


Intuitive eating is a process, it’s not something that you can just decide to do and then 'ta-da!' you're an intuitive eater. It takes determination, hard work, practice and a whole lot of patience. To guide the process the creators of intuitive eating (Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch) devised a series of principles (n.b. these are not rules) which help you take baby steps towards ditching diet culture and re-learning how to eat in accordance with your body’s internal signals.


Intuitive Movement vs Exercise


What images does the word exercise conjure up for you? Sweat? Pain? Dread? For some these might be what’s stirred up, after years of associating exercise with hard work, boredom or loathing. But, does it have to be this way? Intuitive movement might just be the alternative that can help kick some consistency into your active-life. Read on for the lowdown…


Obesity and cancer - shall we get this straight?


You might have been led to believe by recent Cancer Research UK (CRUK) campaigns and from other equally reputable (and some probably less so) sources that we now have concrete evidence that being obese is a cause of cancer; the way that we’re sure smoking is. This though, is not a fact. Cancer is such an emotive topic and the causes, treatment and life-changing effects it can have are vastly complicated. But to link obesity and smoking together as equal causes of cancer is just wrong. Read more for why and what CRUK could have done better.


Set-point weight #2: how will I know when I am at my set-point weight?!


In part #2 on set-point weight I'll be getting into a common question I have from my clients... how on earth will I know when I'm at my set-point weight?! It's a great question with no easy answer. I don't have a magic answer for you but in this post I'll explore some things you can work towards so that you'll be reassured you're at the weight that's right for you, right now.


Is food addiction actually a thing? (Spoiler alert: IT IS NOT)


"I can't open that chocolate, I'm addicted!" is something you hear quite a lot. I used to brush it off as just 'something we say' to describe liking a food a lot. BUT is describing love for certain foods in the same way we describe life-destroying addictions to say alcohol or drugs damaging? Read on for more on what the evidence says about food addiction.


External eating - why do we use the outside world to guide our eating?


Why do you eat? Simple question with a not so simple answer… there are SO many reasons why we eat and these can vary day to day and will change throughout our lives. When we were babies we mostly ate purely when we were hungry – babies tend to be very good at letting it be known they’re hungry. But as we grow older we move away from using our hunger to guide our eating and rely on a whole host of triggers to tell us when and what to eat. This is where external eating comes in.